Precision-Angled Blades
The magic of a great blade is strength at the base and sharpness at the tip. We grind steel into a specialized "Gothic Arch" angle to deliver just that. Our razor cartridge has 5 precision-angled blades to spread pressure evenly across your face for maximum ease and comfort.

Harry's was built out of respect
for quality craftsmanship, simple design, modern convenience
and most importantly for guys who know they shouldn't have to overpay for a great shave.

Truman Set

All you need to get shaving with Harry's – in one tidy box

Ivory | Olive 107 | Nautilus Blue | Total Orange

- Free U.S. Shipping for orders over $10
- Available in U.S. and Canada
- Your Choice Foaming Gel Foams up, cushions face -OR -
Shave Cream Smooth, easy glide

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